Virtual Conversion Virtually Ugly

02 Jan 2007
January 2, 2007

Curiosity got the best of me last night. A month or so ago I mentioned that Microsoft was encouraging virtualization as a way to test with IE6. In that same article I wondered about converting the free Virtual PC image to VMware format…

So I decided to try.

The conversion was painless, if a bit long on my aging machine. I started it late in the evening and after 30 minutes I went to bed and let it run overnight. The VMware Converter (3.0 beta) is certainly very easy to use, for what that’s worth and any perceived slowness is likely my own computer’s issue.

When good conversions go badI then launched the converted virtual machine with VMware Player. Technically, the conversion worked. XP was very unhappy and very unlicensed due to “hardware” changes! Oops. It also blew up while on a thrilling discovery of a lot of new hardware.

It seemed like a good idea. And if you want to run XP via VMware on linux or a Mac, you could do this — for 3 days, then you’ll lose your XP activation.

Ah well.

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