14 Oct 2009
October 14, 2009

I first mentioned Synergy almost 4 years ago on this blog – that’s a lifetime in blog years! Ever since then it has been a utility installed on almost all of my machines. I often have two or more going on my desk and Synergy makes it so easy to control all of them with just one keyboard and mouse.

Not that it isn’t perfect… And after 4 years the little things can get annoying. For instance, everytime I launch and start it I also have to click a “hey, I started” dialog. Seriously? I know! I just clicked the button!

image Well, the original Synergy project doesn’t appear to be very active but I recently learned about the Synergy+ project. They call themselves a “maintenance fork” and they’ve been busy making changes (listed).

I installed this on a couple machines earlier today and already spotted two great additions.

  1. No more extra dialog clicks when starting
  2. The ability to run the server as a service. (that saves even more clicks!)

Lovely stuff. I’m officially migrating to the plus version.

Free. GNU GPL v2 licensed and multiple platforms.


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