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Relocate Dropbox to a Removable Drive

05 Oct 2014
October 5, 2014

Most of my recent rigs have had 120 GB SSD drives as primary drives and then something larger and slower/magnetic for data. However, the tablet I recently bought only has the 1 SSD drive.

While that isn’t really a problem, the fact that my Dropbox library keeps getting larger and larger is making it a problem. “No problem,” thought I. “I’ll just toss in a 32 GB microSD drive. That’ll fix it.”

Well, Dropbox doesn’t let you relocate it to removable drives:

No Removable Media dialog

If only there was a way to use removable storage in a way that “looked” permanent… Oh, but there is. The windows utility mklink is the answer here.

I created a “C:\SD” directory on the SSD. My microSD card was at G:\. I then typed the following command:

mklink /d /J C:\SD G:\

Problem solved. Back to Dropbox and tell it I want to relocate my files to C:\SD\Dropbox and it was quite happy.

Process Explorer Updated

21 Feb 2014
February 21, 2014

Have you checked out the latest version of Sysinternals Process Explorer? This remains one of my favorite tools to use when trying to get a grip of what’s really going on in a Windows machine.

Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open? Now you can find out. Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.

Now there’s one more really handy feature: it will submit the running processes to VirusTotal.com for further analysis. Don’t panic! It isn’t sending the actual files; it is sending hashes of them and it does it all very quickly. VirusTotal submits each process to up to 50 AV scanners and sends back the results of the scan. Just click the link in the right-most column to see the scan results.

Slick. Read more →

New Tool (to me): Parted Magic

31 Jan 2011
January 31, 2011

partedmagiclogoThanks to a scratched CD I discovered a new/updated tool for my toolkit this week. See, I was swapping hard drives between two laptops: one is 500 GB and the other 160. Oh, and I didn’t want to have to reload either of them.

Before the swap I booted each from my trusty Clonezilla CD and made disk images of both laptops. That part was quick and easy. I physically switched the drives and attempted to restore the image from the 500 to the 160 drive. I figured this wouldn’t be an issue since it was only using about 25 GB… Alas, Clonezilla doesn’t like to restore to smaller drives.

OK, no worries. The easy way to solve that is to just shrink the partition (on the big drive) to something smaller than the destination drive. I tossed in my trusty Gparted CD and… hit a snag. Scratched CD couldn’t boot properly.

Before downloading a new one, I was inspired to see what my options of having both Clonezilla and Gparted on the same boot CD might be. Parted Magic is the first I found and is definitely a keeper. Boots quickly and loads to RAM so it runs quickly as well. Not only does it include Gparted and Clonezilla, but it bundles in quite a few other useful tools as well.

Works well as a little “pocket distro” too. Good stuff and I’m now a fan.

Parted Magic desktop

2010 Updates to Essential Apps

13 Nov 2010
November 13, 2010

My Essential Apps page was a bit due for an update so I’ve spent some time dusting it off this evening. I’ve removed a few things and added some others. What follows is sort of in a jumbled stream, but you can check out the Essential Apps page for the current goods.

I removed the Glasser Add-on for Firefox from the list. I lost interest in it at some point the in past year. Now I usually just find a persona that grabs my fancy and use that, instead. I also no longer use VeriSign’s OpenID Seatbelt Add-on. I use the Google OpenID stuff these days so no need for it. Finally, I also removed Google Toolbar from the list. Fast Dial and Xmarks replaced it nicely.

I added a couple Add-ons to the list. Namely Fast Dial and Xmarks. Together they keep my bookmarks all in sync and allow me to get to my most frequently visited sites quickly.

In the utilities section I removed Launchy. I don’t have that many XP machines around anymore and the few that I have are not primary devices. They tend to be more single-focused and Launchy just doesn’t play there.

Synergy and Synergy-plus merged back to Synergy and I updated the URL appropriately. If you find yourself with multiple computers on your desk you need this one.

I removed mRemote as I find myself mainly using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection Manager exclusively these days. However, I recently heard about an mRemote fork (mRemoteNG) that I need to check out when I have a free moment.

I added CrashPlan as my favorite backup program.

In the Security section I removed AntiVir and ClamWin. Haven’t used either in the past year. Microsoft Security Essentials has been fine. While not exactly apps, I also added mention of OpenDNS and Untangle as they are big parts of my home security solution.

And finally, I added Visual Studio 2010 to the development section. Been doing a lot of little db utility apps and I’m loving the Visual Studio and .NET experience.

As always, if you feel there are apps or utilities that I should be using drop a comment.