Nov 05

Oops, what happened to October?

Oops, just realized I haven’t written anything here for over a month. Apologies and such — just finishing my first weekend off since… well, since I dunno when. But last week was a calmer week at work and I managed to not even log into check mail (ok, first thing in the am for server reports doesn’t count) all weekend.

And what a great weekend it was. Lots of family time made for a really nice change of pace.

Yesterday we left the house at 8am to attend an early morning “special” screening of “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.” Our realtor (and loyal Solo Tech customer) invites us to similar events each year and we sure appreciate it. The movie was fun. I won’t say it’s great or incredible, but it was certainly enjoyable and had some good laughs.

After the movie we swung by the mall to do a little shopping. Middle boy and I each scored some new shoes (brief moment while I mourn the passing of my 8 year old Borns). Daughter got some snowpants. We have a weekend in Steamboat planned for next month and the kids all want to try out snowboarding. Oh, and while we were at the sporting goods place the two boys had a go at the rock climbing wall (a pretty challenging 3 story affair). Oldest son powered right up the #2 track. Youngest son made it about 8 feet up and decided that was just as far as he was interested in going. That kid…

We got home around 3 and chilled for the rest of the day. Well, mostly. I went to the gym for an hour (insert smug look). Over 3 months after signing up and I still go 3 – 5 times a week. I’ve lost exactly 1lb so far… but I think I’ve re-arranged mass a bit (I like to assume that muscle is heavier than fat…) and I’m doing a lot better on the cardio stuff. I start with 25 minutes cardio on the cross trainer each time I go. Granted, the last 5 minutes of that is cool-down, but I get my money’s worth. Seems I’m a rather prolific sweater…

This morning we woke up to a gorgeous day. Sister and her husband wanted to do something today, so Wife and I decided it would be a great day to get the boat out one last time. By 10am we were all headed up to the nearby lake. Two fishing boats, one other ski boat and a sailboat were about it for other people taking advantage of the sun.

We had visited the lake with the in-laws about a month ago as they passed through town on their annual snow-bird trip. We’d hope to get the boat out then, but the wind conspired against us. Anyways, we had noticed a lot of birds there on that trip, so today we emptied the pantry of bread products. At one point we had a huge “swarm” of seagulls following the boat around. In fact, it even got a bit creepy as the numbers increased!

After the trip we headed to a local place for a late lunch and ate entirely too much. The order took a bit longer than normal, but they were overly generous with the chips and salsa. Urgh. 6 hours later and I’m still feeling a bit green from eating so much, but it was all good stuff.

Since then we’ve all been taking it easy. Watched a bit of football.


  1. Rich G.

    What happened to October?

    What’s happening to November?


  2. chris

    life / work balance is slowing swinging the right direction…

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